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Journal History

 As I said in the last journal, I'm going to write a fiction titled Teen-Wiz, it's going to have about 4 seasons or more. This is the introduction journal about my fiction =P

 Teenage Wizards or a shorter title Teen-Wiz is a fictional series write about a young teenage wizard named Aaron who lives in capital of Vietnam, his home country. Aaron is a wizard despite of his family are mortal, along with him is Tyler, Aaron's best friend and his wizards friends, June, Peter and James. In mortal world, Aaron is an ordinary 16 years old teenage boy who attended Viet Duc high school and later he studied at University of Languages and International Studies(ULIS), in magic world, he studied at Golden Castle - a school for wizards, after 3 years study there, Aaron will have an examination for wizard, if he pass he would become a full-powers wizard, if he fail more than 5 times he would lose his powers forever. Aaron is a grade-grandson of a died former wizard, he was passed magic from his grade-grandfather in his 16th birthday night, his magic tradition is followed as ancestral to descendent.
 Primarily, Teen-Wiz fiction focus on funny, fantasy, adventure and a very small of action.
Teen Wiz poster by BradBaby199x
 Teen-Wiz Season 1 poster, characters(up - down, left - right) Aaron, Peter, James, June
- Genres: funny, fantasy, adventure, teen fiction
- Seasons: 4(or more)
- Chapters: updating


A. Main Characters

1. Aaron(original name Thắng)
- Full name: Hoang Quoc Thang
- D.O.B: 16/4/1999
- Born: Hanoi, Vietnam
- Reside: Hanoi, Vietnam
- Education: Viet Duc High School, Golden Castle, ULIS
 Aaron Hoang, full name is Hoàng Quốc Thắng, a teenage boy who is stubborn, headstrong, careless, a bit of naughty and very lazy but behind that bad image of him, Aaron is a friendly guy, he is very kind, brave and street-smart. He is stylish, as well. At high school, Aaron is very popular, he's known as a stylish and good-looking boy and he attracts everyone in school especially girls. He usually takes advantage of people for his lazy reasons, sometimes he breaks the rules and causes trouble, Aaron is really mess up. Along with him is Tyler, his best friend, they grew up together and have been best friends since they were in kindergarten. Aaron is quite active, he loves sports, he plays soccer as well as volleyball, basketball and badminton but Aaron can't swim, he doesn't know how to swim and that's his weakness. He seems to very lazy in study but however his best subject is English. In his wizard side, Aaron does magic very well but sometimes he's careless about learning spells that causes serious trouble. Being wizard despite of family are mortal and lives in mortal world, Aaron(as well as other wizards) must keep his secret to his family and his friends as well as other people about his wizard powers. With his laziness, will Aaron be able to pass the wizard examination and keep his powers forever?

2. Tyler(original name Dương)
- Full name: Nguyen Hoang Duong
- D.O.B: 24/7/1999
- Born: Hanoi, Vietnam
- Reside: Hanoi, Vietnam
- Education: Viet Duc High School, ULIS
 Tyler Nguyen, full name is Nguyễn Hoàng Dương, is a best friend of Aaron. They have been close friends since they were in kindergarten, they grew up together day by day through primary, secondary, high school and study together in university. Tyler is a very smart boy, he's sociable, soft, hard-working and generous unlike Aaron, their personality maybe different but it doesn't mind them at all, they still close no matter how. Being best friends, they always hang out with each other however they often have big argument together(mostly start from Aaron), but eventually they still draw and forgive each other. Tyler used to have a dream that he would go study abroad someday, when he was about to go, he knew that Aaron had passed university, Tyler changed his mind and he would stay with Aaron in university instead, Aaron didn't want to leave him and Tyler didn't either. Together, they help each other, or sometimes prank and tease or do something that best friends would do to keep their friendship last forever.

3. June
- Full name: Kang Soo Jung
- D.O.B: 11/5/1999
- Born: Korea
- Reside: Seoul, Korea
- Education: high school, Golden Castle
 Kang Soo Jung is a Korean teenage wizard, he was born at Seoul and grew up there, his nickname is June. June is a wizard friend of Aaron, they met each other in the day when they first step to Golden Castle. June's personality is similar to Aaron that they both stubborn, rebellious and lazy, also June is very stylish and street-smart. June comes from a family of wizards, his father is a great sorcerer, his mother is a full-powers wizard, he also has siblings, he grew up with one elder brother and one younger sister and they're all wizards except for his brother is a full-powers wizard, he and his sister are wizards in training. June is shown to be a love singing boy, he has a dream to become a famous solo Kpop singer, he loves listening to music especially EDM and Pop. In the group of 4 friends, June is close to Aaron most since they both alike about personality, however, Aaron-June friendship cannot match to Aaron-Tyler, maybe Aaron is close to Tyler longer than June, but more however, Aaron and June can hang out anywhere, anytime together whenever they want with their little help from magic.

4. James
- Full name: Jamesley Leonardo William(James L. William)
- D.O.B: 19/3/1999
- Born: England
- Reside: London, England
- Education: London Academy, Golden Castle
 James is a British teenage wizard, he was born and grew up at London in a rich family of wizards. James is best known as a professional gamer, he owns more than hundred of games collections. James maybe a pro-gamer but he can balance both study and play times well, so that he's not only a gamer but also a great student of the Academy where he attends. James comes from a family of wizards too just like June, his parents are full-powers wizards, he is the third child of the family, he has one elder brother(first child) and one elder sister(second child). James's family is very rich, they live in a big villa in London and their house has more than 40 workers work there. James has a scholar look, tall and a bit muscular(he plays sports too), he may rich but he would never so arrogant, he's kind and treats people equally. James is adventurous, he loves to explore the world out there with his wand along, also James is called a party people, none of any parties in his Academy or even Golden Castle hosted without him. His future dream is to become a philosopher or an international gamer or maybe both of them. But which will he choose? It is unknown.

5. Peter
- Full name: Peter Nicholas Matthew Collins
- D.O.B: 6/10/1999
- Born: USA
- Reside: Florida, USA
- Education: high school, Golden Castle
 Peter is an American teenage wizard, he was born in Chicago but later his family moved to Florida and lived there till present. Peter comes from a family of wizards like June and James as well, his parents are full-powers wizards, he's the first son of his family and he has two younger brother and sister and those two are twin. Peter is a nerd with a hard-working soul, he's generous, intelligent, cautious, creative, honest and he has various of knowledge. Because of Peter is too nice to other people, that makes him easily sometimes manipulated by everyone, especially Aaron, June and James, he may be "bullied" by his friends but they always care about each other just like they're brothers. Peter has a lot of excellent achievement for his study, he also learns magic well so that he could teach his twin siblings about magic before they attend Golden Castle. Peter is much like Tyler that they both study hard, wise knowledge and gentle that makes James sometimes says "Aaron should be with June more than he with Tyler, cause Peter is better to be with Tyler than Aaron does".

B. Supporting Characters

1. Lily(original name Linh)
 Lily full name is Hoàng Trúc Linh, she is a younger sister of Aaron, she's younger than Aaron 10 years old. Lily is an adorable and cute little girl, she's not only a good little girl but also very dodgy to her older brother. At home as well as other places, Lily is obedient, nice and good, she's very creative and imaginative, she loves to draw, decorating and sewing clothes for her dolls. She's kinda short so that she's usually bullied and teased by Aaron, but Lily isn't as nice as people think, she sometimes very annoying to her brother and teases back Aaron too and that drives Aaron crazy, their parents sometimes feel annoying too because they see their children are always in "warfare" status. However, Aaron still loves and cares about Lily and so is she, Aaron still coddle her and gets what she wants, Lily sometimes stands behind her brother whenever she got yelled by their parents, they often defend each other. In the middle of Season 1, Lily found out that her brother is a magical wizard, that's the moment when Aaron felt annoying most, she asked Aaron everything, whatever she wanted so Aaron had to do everything for her but Lily would never ask something that's excessive.

2. Aaron's parents
- Dorothy(original name Thảo)
 Dorothy is Aaron's mother as well as Lily's. She was born on 1977, Dorothy is a perfect housewife in the family, she knows everything about cooking so she's called the #1 chef in family. Dorothy is humorous, dependable and strict, she cares about Aaron most because Aaron is her first child, also Aaron is rebellious and hard to be told, she wants Aaron to grow up under her supervision in order to become a better person. Dorothy sometimes is very funny but when she's serious, she's very very strict.
- David(original name Minh)
 David is Aaron's father as well as Lily's. He was born on 1975, David is an office staff, his work is editing, writing and idea-up for his company projects. He's exciting, easy going, funny and careless(much like his son), David is described to look a bit fat because he's a food lover. David cares about Lily most, he calls Lily as "daddy's little princess" for reasons that she's the youngest child and she's the only daughter in the family. He has no experience about teaching his children, he's not strict at all so Aaron and Lily usually "manipulate" on him that makes Dorothy disagree with him. People say that "Like father like son" but to Aaron and David is not right much, Aaron and his dad don't alike each other much except both of them are careless, unlike his son, David is very lazy in outdoor activities while Aaron not only plays sports but he also goes to gym everyday. David loves his family no matter how, his wife, his children, he maybe not a perfect man but he always be the dependable father to Aaron and Lily as well as husband of Dorothy.

3. Aaron's fairy god father
 Aaron's fairy god father is an over 1000-years-old-man friend of Aaron, he also was the former fairy god father of Aaron's ancestral, his job is to take care of Aaron while he still training with his magic, he is Aaron's magic tutor as well. "After so many years being fairy god, Aaron is the hardest kid I've ever worked with in my entire life" - said the fairy god father. The fairy is the one who told Aaron the secret of his grade-grandfather and he told him everything about magic as well, before Aaron's grade-grandfather passed away, he had asked the fairy god to pass magic to his grade-grandson, once he saw the fairy did, he rested in peace. The fairy always looks after Aaron wherever or whenever he is, his job will over when Aaron pass his powers to his descendant, that's the fairy's job but however he may have to work as Aaron's descendant fairy god father, he's the one who always has to fix the trouble which Aaron caused by magic, Aaron always asks for his help everytime the boy gets himself to trouble, "Thank you fairy god father, you save me once again!" - said Aaron. He is described to look similar to the image of the fairy who appeared in Vietnamese folk tales Tấm Cám. The fairy has no name, "I have plenty of names! But my current name is... Aaron's fairy god father... but you can just call me your friend... your very old man friend!" - said the fairy to Aaron. He has a dream that when his job is over with Aaron, he won't have to work with Aaron's next generation anymore because he has lived for over 1000 years and he really want to go back to the paradise, he missed his friends and his home. In the finale of season 4, Aaron made a decision to allow the fairy retire, he can easily go back to his place and don't have to work as a fairy god anymore, Aaron promised he wouldn't have to get back in future to help him anymore, he would always focus and be carefully about his magic more, also Aaron would open up a new magic tradition - family of wizards, that was the moment when Aaron was dating with a female wizard, he would get marry with her in future so their children will become wizards as them(but the details about Aaron's marriage is kinda faraway, it won't be written on the fiction)

C. Recurring Characters

 Beside the main and supporting characters, the fiction has some recurring characters too, they only appear just from 2 or above chapters such as Ms. Evelyn - Aaron's wizard teacher, Mr. Latinni - headmaster of Golden Castle, Alice - Aaron's girlfriend,...

Release information

 My fiction Teen-Wiz will be in original language(Vietnamese) released on
 I will translate into English and make the new title Teen-Wiz English Edition And Translation in the future but I will only do that when Season 4 is finished.
 If you are wondering if I'm going to make another season(s) after season 4 end or not, the answer is may be, If I have more ideas, I'll definitely make another season.

*Note: The Teen-Wiz fiction is inspired by a Disney Channel Original Series - Wizards Of Waverly Place(2007 - 2012), the series was about the trio of the Russo kids Justin, Alex and Max were wizards in training, at finale they joined wizard competition and decide who will be the family wizard. The results are Alex becomes family wizard, Justin becomes full-powers wizard in order to become the headmaster of WizTech, Max lost the competition and became mortal. The fiction have some details that similar to the series but however, I'll make my fiction is more interesting by my own way, I'll try not to make my fiction is 100% alike the series.

 If you have any question(s), leave a comment :)
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:woohoo: :iconcakelickplz: :iconballoonsplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconballoonsplz2: :iconcakelickplz: :woohoo:

It's February 21st which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!


Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:

Birthdays Team
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